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Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions are completely safe when used as instructed and by observing the following:

No Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions products shall be used by anyone who is, knowingly or not: schizophrenic, psychotic, or prone to auditory hallucinations.

Hypnotherapy & Brainwave Sessions (Hypnotherapy CDs & Self-Hypnosis CDs with Brainwave Technology) and Pure Brainwave Sessions (Hypnosis CDs & Meditation CDs based on Brainwave Technology) are NOT for use by anyone, who knowingly or not: is epileptic or prone to seizures; is photosensitive; wears a pacemaker; and/or is pregnant or breastfeeding.
* Pure Hypnotherapy Sessions (Hypnotherapy CDs & Self-Hypnosis CDs without Brainwave Technology) are suitable for such individuals.

Children under 18 must be examined for illnesses that may cause seizures by a medical physician before listening to Hypnotherapy & Brainwave Sessions or Pure Brainwave Sessions.
* Pure Hypnotherapy Sessions are suitable for all age groups without these restrictions.

If you suffer from any medical condition or illness, or are taking medication, please seek the approval of your medical physician or specialist, before using Hypnotherapy & Brainwave Sessions or Pure Brainwave Sessions .

Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions contain powerful, life-enhancing technologies. However, they are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. No medical claims are intended, expressed or implied.